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About us

We move mainly in the social economic field. Political grounds or personal convictions play no role in this. This is partly motivated by the fact that we aim for consensus and the debate about Cuba is often polarized.

The foundation wants to promote social integration and to improve the quality of life of the Cuban community in the Netherlands. In addition, the Foundation wants to stimulate the exchange of cultural, scientific and economic contacts between the Netherlands and Cuba.


Chairman: Mrs. G. León Aldama
Secretary: Sr. M.J. Kompier

Board members receive no compensation and work on a voluntary basis. The Cuba-Netherlands Foundation does not employ people. Where necessary, entrepreneurs and partners are available for good cooperation and expansion of the network.

Financial responsibility

The statutes and the policy plan of the Cuba-Netherlands Foundation can be downloaded here. Suggestions are welcome and we appreciate it.

You can find us at the Chamber of Commerce under number 61137704 and our fiscal number / RSIN is 855108538.



Cuban community in NL

Our aim is to promote integration in the Dutch society. To give awareness by organizing activities. Encourage the development of small-scale Cuban companies. Provide support where necessary.


Our goals are to improve and develop exchange projects. To organize exhibitions and fairs. To stimulate knowledge exchange. To creat (academic) programs.

Connect & inspire

Seeking the connection with companies and institutions that have to do with Cuba. We go for solidarity and consensus.



Foundation Cuba-Netherlands

Help the Cuba-Netherlands Foundation with its work to bring our countries closer together. We can mean a lot to each other. For example, in less than 60 years Cuba has built up a fabulous health care and education system with very limited resources. The Netherlands is one of the largest food producers in the world with a very good logistics system.

Also help to connect our entrepreneurs, to clear up barriers and to strengthen the development of the Caribbean region.

“In addition to transferring via IDEAL, you can also transfer your contribution to the bank account number 30.46.832.56 under the name of Stg.Cuba-Nederland in Utrecht, stating” Donation Cuba-Nederland. “The IBAN number is: NL92RABO0304683256, and the BIC code is: RABONL2U. “

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