About us

We move mainly in the social and economic field. Political grounds, life philosophy or convictions play no role in this. This is partly motivated by the fact that we aim for consensus and the debate about Cuba is often polarized.

The foundation wants to promote social integration and to improve the quality of life of the Cuban community in Holland. In addition, the Foundation wants to stimulate cultural, scientific and economic exchanges between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Cuba.


Chairwoman: Mrs. G. León Aldama
Secretary: Sr. M.J. Kompier


You can also transfer your contribution to the bank account NL92RABO0304683256 with BIC code: RABONL2U, stating “Donation”.

Cuban community

Our aim is to promote integration in the European society. To give awareness by organizing activities. Encourage the development of small-scale Cuban companies. Provide support where necessary.


Our goals are to improve and develop exchange projects. To organize exhibitions and fairs. To stimulate knowledge exchange. To creat (academic) programs.

Connect & inspire

Seeking the connection with companies and institutions that have to do with Cuba. We go for solidarity and consensus.


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